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Photographs from Activators and other field stations


JF86 - Langebaan

ZS1CF Charles le Roux

Activated: 13 April 2009
Total contacts: 39

JF86 - ZS1CF

KF48 - Coffee Bay

ZS6ADY Andy Cairns

Activated: July 2008
Total contacts: 30

Hole in the wall

KG04 - Mata-Mata

ZS6A Pierre van Deventer

Activated: 14-16 April 2011
Total contacts: 22

ZS6A Mata-Mata KG04

KG13 - Northern Cape

ZS6M Francois Muller

Activated: December 2007
Total contacts: 75

KG13 - ZS6M

KG14 - Vorstershoop, Northern Cape

ZS3CS Cilliers Schultz

Activated: 30 June 2012
Total contacts: 22

KG14 Vorstershoop

KG36  - D-Nyala Nature Reserve

ZS6BB Pierre van Deventer

Activated: 4-7 April 2010
Total contacts: 32


KG47 - Tuli Block, Botswana

ZR6HLT/A22HLT John Hilton

Activated: April 2009
Total contacts: 12


KG57 - Nwanedi nature reserve

ZS6BB Pierre van Deventer

Activated: 1-3 April 2010
Total contacts: 63



KG63 - Tembe Elephant Park

ZS5WX Shaun Cullen

Activated: September 2008
Total contacts: 12

KG63 - ZS5WX


Planned activations

New procedure as from July 2011:

If you wish to be added to the ZS WAGS mailing list, send an email to zswags@gmail.com and you will shortly receive an invitation to join the email group.

Please email zswags (at) gmail.com with details of any planned activations of rare / unpopulated grid squares.