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Frequencies suggested for ZS WAGS operations

These frequencies are suggested as practical frequencies which will be common to ZS, ZR and ZU stations (Classes A1, A2 and B).  These are based on the IARU Region 1 HF Band Plans, modified to fit the allocations for all classes.


Band CW Phone Notes
160 m 1836 kHz 1845 kHz Class A1, A2 only
80 m 3560 kHz 3690 kHz  
40 m 7030 kHz 7090 kHz  
30 m 10116 kHz 10130 kHz * Class A1 only
20 m 14080 kHz 14240 kHz Class A1, A2 only
15 m 21080 kHz 21350 kHz Class A1, A2 only
10 m 28060 kHz 28360 kHz  

* Note: SSB is allowed within 10120-10140 kHz in Africa South of the equator during local daylight hours only.

Planned activations

New procedure as from July 2011:

If you wish to be added to the ZS WAGS mailing list, send an email to zswags@gmail.com and you will shortly receive an invitation to join the email group.

Please email zswags (at) gmail.com with details of any planned activations of rare / unpopulated grid squares.