PRINCE2 CBT Ver 2.3 Knowledge Base

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+ (1) Course Section displays black screen with no sound.
+ (2) Installation of Adobe Reader may be done directly from the CD as follows:
+ (3) Main Menu disappears and is not visible on the Task Bar. Occurs when the user changes to other applications while the CBT is running.
+ (4) Security alert from various anti-virus programs. Typically "The program below tried to change your Windows configuration to load a program library (DLL) automatically".
+ (5) Adobe Reader X requires the user to accept the Adobe Licence Agreement on first use after installation.
+ (6) When displaying PDF documents from within the course, each document opens in Internet Explorer, but is not given focus. The Internet Explorer icon on the task bar flashes. (Windows 7)
+ (7) The unpack process when opening any section of the CBT can be very slow.
+ (8) Setup cannot continue because some system files are out of date on your system… [Error message during first installation]
+ (9) When entering an Unlock Key the following message is received: "The activation key cannot be applied. The installation code of the license file does not match with code 0"
+ (10) Error message "Error processing command line arguments" received when user attempts request for Unlock Key using Lotus Notes
+ (11) CBT program may not start from CD, even when double-clicking from Windows Explorer, with no error messages.